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Our Story

You might think Gus & Owen are two human founders of a dog company.  Well, you'd be wrong.   It's actually two smiling Labradors.  This company is inspired everyday by the quest of founder, Rob Ryan to keep his dogs feeling and looking young by his side.

So, we’re a passionate dog vitamin and nutritional supplement company located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  We think it fits perfectly that the healthiest products for your dogs come from the healthiest and fittest city in America -- voted on by the Today show, USA Today, Forbes, Gallup, Time, US News and more, year after year.

At Gus & Owen, we believe that being a pet parent is our most important job.  We want to help your pet live its happiest, healthiest life possible.  Since the dawn of animal domestication, we made promises to our pets.  We brought them into our homes with the understanding they would no longer be self-sufficient in the wild and that we would be their sole caretakers.  We promised to keep them healthy and feed them well.  In return, they love us unconditionally.  It’s a pretty great trade off!  Gus & Owen is a company committed to helping you keep your promise to your dogs -- to keep them the healthiest and happiest they can be.

Our Guiding Beliefs

Here at Gus & Owen, we’re serious dog people.  We are fueled everyday through our beliefs that:

  • Pets are not property, they’re family.
  • Pet parents shouldn’t relinquish pet healthcare to any one practitioner. Rather, pet parents need to collaborate with health professionals to create the healthiest outcome.
  • Pets should not eat the same thing every day anymore than we should.  They need a variety of nutrients.
  • Pets should not be fed expired, lower quality supplements than humans.  They deserve the highest purity and standards.
  • Pets deserve products that enhance their lives, not ones that create side effects.
  • Pets should always receive the minimally effective dose of nutrient(s) and no less.
  • Pets are not stupid. They’re incredibly smart and emotionally intuitive.
  • Pets don't deserve less respect than humans.
  • Multiple products and prescriptions don’t necessarily treat your pet’s ailments better than just one can.
  • Pet products should be clean - free of harmful residues, fillers and chemicals.

The Gus & Owen Choice

  • BETTER INGREDIENTS:  Finest sourcing, extraction and bioavailability.
  • INTEGRITY: From ingredient buying to customer service to manufacturing, we operate with the highest integrity
  • HIGHLY TRUSTED:  Our products are used by animal experts  for their pets - vets, scientists, law enforcement, kennels, breeders and animal daycare professionals.
  • HIGHLY RESEARCHED:  Vets and human nutrition formulators have researched our competitor’s products and developed formulas with more ingredients and better value.
  • 100% SAFE:  We use only safe, proven and effective ingredients.  Our products are veterinarian formulated, endorsed and selected for safety.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:  We stand with full confidence behind every one of our products.  That’s why we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Simply return the product unopened for a full refund, no questions asked and no restocking fees. 
  • 100% UNIQUE FORMULATIONS:  You will not find products like ours anywhere else.  Each product is formulated for the combined and complementary effects of its ingredients to give you safe, healthful results.
  • 100% FRESH:  We believe our supplements are like our foods.  Old or expired nutritional ingredients do not work.  Never purchase products that sit in warm warehouses for months, even years before reaching you.  Gus & Owen makes small batches in temperature controlled environments and ship them out to you quickly so you receive a product that is fresh like the foods we eat.